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Cote : BB99
Langues : anglais
Fiche n° : 7649
Hietala, Marjatta; Vahtikari, Tanja
The Landscape of Food: The Food Relationship of Town and Country in Modern Times
Helsinki : The finnish Literature Sociaty, 2003. - 232 p. (Historica, 4)

Périodique : Studia Fennica

Résumé : The Landscape of Food introduces new perspectives on the social history of food by focusing on the food relationships between urban and rural areas in Europe from the late eighteenth century to the present day. The theme is approached by historians, ethnologists and geographers through a series of studies of the Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Britain, Finland, Italy, Greece and Norway. Sujets / Produits : paysages alimentaires; relations villes campagnes; approvisionnement; légumes; abattoirs; réfrigération; jardins ouvriers; autoconsommation; faim; cueillette
Localisation : Allemagne; Grèce; Slovénie; Suisse; Grande-Bretagne; Finlande; Italie; Norvège; Pays-Bas; Ecosse