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YSA2013_Haller.pdf (494.33 Ko)
Cote : En ligne
Fiche n° : 7564
Article de périodique
Haller, Therese; Crole-Rees, Anna; Dumondel, Michel
Attitudes towards growing food in cities: the case of Lausanne, Switzerland
2013. - pp. 201-223

Périodique : Journal of Socio-Economics in Agriculture

Résumé : Urban agriculture is expected to improve the quality of life in urban areas and to contribute to a more sustainable urban development. In urban planning, directly perceived benefits to the local population should be considered. Urban residents may produce food; they may purchase locally produced vegetables or simply enjoy the presence of production sites near their home. A survey (n=889) is used to explore current practices in urban agriculture and the potential for the population’s articipation in Lausanne, Switzerland. The results show that the aesthetic value explains a larger part of the positive attitude towards urban agriculture than the prospect of
buying local food. When citizens have the prospect of growing vegetables on them, they appreciate the presence of production sites even more. Urban agriculture projects are expected to have broader popular support and a stronger impact on urban quality when the population actively participates in urban food production. (D'après les auteurs)
Sujets / Produits : agriculture urbaine; développement durable; esthétique; alimentation locale; qualité urbaine
Localisation : Lausanne (Suisse)