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European_Society_for_Rural_Sociology_ISS(1).pdf (542 Ko)
Cote : En ligne
Langues : anglais
Fiche n° : 7556
Article de périodique
Ventura, Flaminia; Milone, Pierluigi
Theory and Practice of Multi-Product Farms: Farm Butcheries in Umbria
Oxford : European Society for Rural Sociology/ Blackwell Publishers, 2000. - pp. 452-

Périodique : Sociologia Ruralis, October, Number 4, Vol 40

Résumé : In this article we will discuss the theoretical dimensions needed to understand the phenomenon of the (re-) emerging multi-product farm. We will then illustrate
our argument with reference to one type of multi-product farm: the farm butchery in Umbria, Central Italy, a recent development that is now spreading throughout
the area. We will give special emphasis to the socio-economic impact of this phenomena at farm-enterprise level and go on to show that the chance of augmenting
added value at enterprise level is one of the driving forces behind this development.
Sujets / Produits : ferme; boucherie à la ferme; bovin; circuits courts; circuits de distribution; vente à la ferme; magasin de producteurs; viande
Localisation : Ombrie (Italie)