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Cote : En ligne
Langues : anglais
Fiche n° : 7446
Anthopoulou , Theodosia; Goussios, Dimitris
Activating territorial specificities under a national PDO cheese label. Cooperation of small dairy territories to promote local-placed Feta in Thessaly Region
Parme : European Association of Agricultural Economists, 2015. - 16 p.

Congrès : The 145th EAAE Seminar “Intellectual Property Rights for Geographical Indications: What is at Stake in the TTIP?”, Parma, Italie, 2015 (April14-15)

Résumé : The paper addresses the question of effectiveness of GI schemes to reproduce local
specific resources and to contribute to a socially and economically equal distribution
of market benefits to all actors involved in the production chain. Drawing on field
research outcomes from Thessaly Region, the paper explores: i) the limits of GI
schemes to valorise and reproduce the ecological and cultural terroir of the production
areas, particularly under a national PDO regulation as the Greek Feta cheese, ii) the
processes and tools for activating local specific resources and developing diversified
artisanal Feta of place-based quality at regional level (Thessaly) within the PDO
“national terroir”, iii) the strategies to promote locally produced Feta PDO through
the networking of the actors involved (sectoral approach) and the cooperation of small
dairy territories (territorial approach) at regional level (Thessaly label).
Sujets / Produits : Indications géographiques; féta grecques; laiteries; gouvernance territoriale; fromage; identité; marché; globalisation; lait de chèvre; lait de brebis; approvisionnement; programme Lactimed; marque régionale
Localisation : Thessaly (Grèce)