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WesternWashingtonBakersInterestedInUsingLocalGrain_CollegeOfAgriculturalHumanAndNaturalResourceSciences_WashingtonStateUniversity.pdf (133.22 Ko)
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Article de presse
Nella Letizia
Western Washington Bakers Interested in Using Local Grain
Washington : College of agricultural, human, and natural ressource sciences, 2011

Périodique : WSU News center, Nov.

Résumé : Wheat growers west of the Cascades could bring in more profit by supplying wheat to local bakers, according to the results of a recent survey conducted by Washington State University graduate researcher Karen Hills. Sixty percent of western Washington commercial bakers said they are interested in purchasing locally sourced wheat and flour for their products. Those bakers presently use 5 million pounds of non-local flour annually.