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Cote : BE59
Langues : anglais
Fiche n° : 7001
Kaneva-Johnson , Maria; Davidson, Alan (Préface)
The Melting Pot: Balkan Food and Cookery
Totnes : Prospect books, 1999. - pp. 300

Notes : Halva : pp.48-49 ; 314-315; à la semoule p. 315; aux noix p.48; halva blanc p. 49 Résumé : The hardback edition of this book won the Premio Langhe Ceretto for the best European recipe book in 1997. It is a vessel into which the author, herself Bulgarian, has poured a Lifetime of study, experience and brilliant cookery. I myself (Tom Jaine) visited Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia in the winter of 1998 with it tucked under my arm. It was the code-breaker that de-ciphered the bewildering palimpsest: more appetizing than a history book, and often more instructive. There are recipes, descriptions, pictures, and lists of names of dishes in all the main languages. At the core is Bulgaria, but the other countries of the peninsula are never ignored. The current political mayhem makes this a relevant book, hence my wish to see it in paperback at this juncture. (Résumé d'après l'éditeur) Localisation : Balkans; Alabanie; Grèce; Macédoine; Bulgarie; Roumanie; Slovénie; Turquie; Serbie; Croatie; Turquie