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Farmers_Rights_-_Juliana_Santilli.pdf (367.43 Ko)
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Langues : anglais
Fiche n° : 6962
Article ouvrage
Santilli, Juliana
Farmer's right (chapter 8)
In Agrobiodiversity and the Law: regulating genetic resources, food security and cultural diversity
Londres : Earthscan, 2012. - 52pp.

Résumé : In this book, we will focus on farmers ́rights as set out in article 9 and in other provisions of the International Treaty, since we believe that such instrument provides an important opportunity to construct and implement farmers ́rights at the national level, since it is
the first legally binding international agreement that explicitly recognizes farmers' rights. We do not understand that farmers’ rights are limited to those recognized by the International Treaty It must be stressed but these can be a starting point (D'après l'introduction de l'auteur)
Sujets / Produits : paysan; droit