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semences_reglementations_en_pdf.pdf (2.55 Mo)
Cote : En ligne
Langues : anglais
Fiche n° : 6945

Seeds and Farmers' Rights: how international regulations affect farmer seeds
Montpellier : Bede/ RSP, 2011. - 88 p.

Résumé : Over time a web of enormous complexity has been woven around seeds and plant reproduction organs, trapping farmers in a tangle of decrees, laws, directives and conventions. Farmers are denied their say in the incomprehensible regulations affecting their right to produce, multiply, use, exchange and sell the seeds of plants cultivated in their own fields. While the market is becoming globalised and industrial concentration is consolidating the monopoly over the food industry into the hands of a small number of multinationals, industrialised countries’ suffocating regulations are spreading across the developing world. How do international regulations affect farmer seeds? What are the threats to farmers’ rights over their seeds, the foundation of food sovereignty? This dossier aims to shed some light on these questions."