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[Recension d'Anne Lhuissier] (237.41 Ko)
À table ! Alimentation et sciences sociales- Laviedesidé
Cote : BA118
Langues : anglais
Fiche n° : 6864
Leonard Turner, Katherine
How the Other Half Ate A History of Working-Class Meals at the Turn of the Century
Berkeley / Los Angeles : University of California Press, 2014. - 224 p. (California studies in food and culture 48)

Résumé : In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, working-class Americans had eating habits that were distinctly shaped by jobs, families, neighborhoods, and the tools, utilities, and size of their kitchens—along with their cultural heritage. How the Other Half Ate is a deep exploration by historian and lecturer Katherine Turner that delivers an unprecedented and thoroughly researched study of the changing food landscape in American working-class families from industrialization through the 1950s.
Relevant to readers across a range of disciplines—history, economics, sociology, urban studies, women’s studies, and food studies—this work fills an important gap in historical literature by illustrating how families experienced food and cooking during the so-called age of abundance. Turner delivers an engaging portrait that shows how America’s working class, in a multitude of ways, has shaped the foods we eat today. (D'après le résumé de l'éditeur)
Sujets / Produits : habitudes alimentaires; histoire; 19ème siècle; ouvriers; conditions sociales; conditions économiques; agriculture; approvisionnement; transport; villes; urbanisation; cuisine; ruralité; femme; sphère domestiques; industrialisation; food studies
Localisation : Etats-Unis