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Symposium : Raising Standards at the Time of Slaughter - 20 sept 2016 Londres

Symposium : Raising Standards at the Time of Slaughter - 20 sept 2016 Londres

Raising Standards at the Time of Slaughter : Analysing the Potential Impact of ‘Brexit’ upon Animal Welfare. A Public Policy Exchange Symposium

The UK’s decision to leave the EU has left the question of how best to resolve these issues (the prevalence of abusive practices contravening welfare laws) and safeguard the future of animal welfare at the time of slaughter, deeply uncertain. With 44 European animal welfare laws, (including 17 setting standards on the production, transport and slaughter of farm animals) essentially ‘up for grabs’ in a post-Brexit UK, it will be beholden on HM Government to replace said laws with equivalent, more stringent or laissez-faire alternatives. This symposium will provide local authorities, food production businesses, animal welfare organisations, faith groups, veterinary interests and government officials with an invaluable opportunity to proactively prepare for this legislative shift and ensure that existing domestic rules can be expanded, entrenched and adhered to.

Delegates will

Analyse the impact of Britain’s decision to leave the EU on domestic legislation pertaining to animal welfare at the time of slaughter.
Assess the benefits of enforcing compulsory and independently monitored CCTV in UK slaughterhouses to ensure standards are upheld.
Determine how best to concurrently safeguard animal welfare and religious freedom.
Explore technological improvements which aid in ensuring a painless death for animals and minimising avoidable distress in the immediate period preceding death.
Develop robust and proportionate means of enforcing powers of entry, appeals, offences and penalties.
Share best practice on ensuring effective stunning and restraining methods.
Collaborate on improving transportation methods to minimise instances of dehydration and death in transit.
Build effective mechanisms by which UK legislation can be uniformly adhered to.

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